Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A whiff of things to come... Now with less rancid olive oil!

Truthfully this is my second bloggish type endeavor. My first was on a good friend's personal and most excellent site, particularly the message board. I began an Ongoing World Events Thread and after over fifty pages of commentary plus other submissions on various topics decided to strike out on my own.

Here's the home page...

Here's the last page of the World Events thread...

Essentially that is what will go up here. I also have a dream, I don't mind telling you, of starting a hard rock band that must be named Slut-Fucker (tm) but having no musical ability, instruments, recording contract, original music or mattress-laden van I require some additional assistance in that regard. Just throwing it out there, I'll keep you abreast as things develop. First must come the logo for where will lucrative T-shirt sales derive without some crazy metal-as-fuck logo that will make the ladies quiver in anticipation.

I'm growing my hair long so that shows you I'm super serious about this Slut-Fucker project.

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