Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nobody likes a snitch... Except that gay-assed Harry Potter

Seriously, I came up with the title first and then found this picture on google images afterwards. Yeah, that's Daniel Radcliffe's twelve year old buttocks performing in the erotic play Equus.


Anyway the snitches I'm talking about are of course the rats, the stoolies, the whistle blowers, those smarmy people of good conscience who point out wrong doing when they see it rather then get in on the action. They think they're so much better than me with their morals and lack of DUI arrests.

What these ethically bloated Boy Scouts don't understand is that this is the Bush era. This is the time of the 3 C's: Corruption, Cronyism, and Kick-Backs. Fuck I messed that up! It's because I'm typing this part right where Daniel's ass is and I can't turn away. Man that guy's stringy poos must be thinner than my pinkie finger.

If you are stupid enough to report waste and graft during Iraq Reconstruction then your ass might very well be locked up and you would be subjected to harsh interrogation for three months! That and other travesties of justice are detailed in the above article. It's torture-light being used as punishment and it staggers the mind.

The point of reconstruction is to bilk the good American people out of their tax money and funnel it to big corporations in the form of no-bid contracts. These companies earn this money not by completing projects or providing services but by giving out regular donations to the G.O.P. and hiring a legion of lobbyists. These lobbyists, mostly composed of former congressmen and executives, reward politicians for creating law and policy that benefit said corporations, things like taxation and environmental law and oh yeah, starting wars. If you could form your diarrhea into an infinity symbol you might achieve similar, quantum physics-like effects in your own home.

Matt Taibbi penned a great article on the subject and if you like ribald political commentary I recommend reading any of his stuff that you can find on the Rolling Stone website or elsewhere. I had to highlight the web page to read it but I can understand why the magazine put grey text on a black background, to woo that vital emo demographic away from their goth poetry sites.

Ashlee Simpson
you plastic hoedown slut.
Why does Fall Out Boy love you
and not me?
Black mascara stains my
Hello Kitty bedspread.


Blog Snitch said...

You don't know anything.

Daniel Radcliffe is 18. He's hot.

You can't find the naked picture of him from the front any more. Damn image cops. He has quite the snout.

You are funny.

I will read you for now. If I like you I will tell everybody about you.

If I don't, you won't get me to snitch on you...

Dyno said...

Thanks for your interest!

In truth I'm rather fond of the Harry Potter books and movies, Daniel's portrayal included, but that pic writes it's own prose.

David said...

Somewhat scared to say, 'hey dyno, I enjoyed your post' with my real name...but you have to take a stand someplace. Peace!

Dyno said...

Thanks Dave, if that is your real name...

Hope to see you more often on Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...

It is plainly obvious that the picture is not real. Can't you see the minute jagged outline of the figure in the picture?? Good grief.