Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Raq... I'm going to bring this up alot around here...

This disastrous war is great entertainment for those of us who are not involved, have no stake in it, and really just don't give a damn what happens to both of these crazy countries anymore. After giving this a lot of thought I'm now for America staying in Iraq in hopes they are bled to the bone of their wealth and treasure. Think about it, if this quagmire helps facilitate a national collapse as Afghanistan did for the Soviets then the U.S. might not pursue aggressive foreign policy again in our lifetime. Sure Iraq is like a lamb to the slaughter but face facts, they live on top of oil so they were pretty well fucked from the get-go.

Bush wants more money to fight it, only 50 billion this time. This is in addition to a pending supplemental bill for nearly 150 billion to fight the dreaded War on Terrah on top of their annual defense budget of nearly half a trillion bloody dollars. All of that money and they are still going to lose, lose, lose.

I propose that Canada erects a one hundred foot tall golden statue of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien and we must make pilgrimage to it for the purpose of worship and the consumption of poutine at least once in our lifetimes to honour his keeping our ass out of this explosively formed clownshow. Whether you liked this guy or not he's a star for this alone.

As for Iraq itself it's business as usual. Shiite vs. Shiite this time as 50 people are killed during a religious festival in a Madhi vs. Badr showdown.

The refugee situation is now officially classified as an 'Insane Nightmare' as over 2 million Iraqis have fled their homes, leaving only the gun-totting, god-fearing, crazy-man insurgent fodder to represent the nation. The meek shall inherit the earth? I don't think so.

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