Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My very first post... So supple and smooth... Let me show it to you

Welcome to My Time, though if you are alive while reading this then by all means it is your time too. I see you're using some of it by performing a spot of light reading. Commendable friend, commendable. Your myriad reasons for doing so all would sound good to me, I am after all the accepting type. Perhaps you're bored at work or seeking someone of similar interests, a MBF looking for a SWM for some BDSM and some CAC (cheese and crackers - no one ever is looking for that in those ads, not ever, not once.)

Then again you could be working for some black-ops digital spying agency on the look out for such pithy phrases as "suitcase nuke the parliament" or maybe you heard that I sell white women out of cargo holds of my tramp steamer kept conveniently in international waters so the bitches in Ottawa can't get their cut. If you are in the later category then I regret to inform you that I'm out of stock at the moment but you've made the right choice and should stick with that thought. After all, if you don't own at least one white chick then you cannot rightly claim you own a harem, you are in fact merely in possession of a gaggle of coloured girls that you have sex with on occasion. Not bad at all but I'm just saying...

It is said that we are cursed living in interesting times but I don't believe in the evil eye, or god, or political correctness, or even listening when other people speak. Why? Because this is My Time, a place where all the things in life I find worth the energy of examination will go. There will be world events and politics, but also trash tabloid fare, video game entertainment impressions, book reports, anecdotes, pictures and profanity, lots and lots of seething, vile, pointless profanity.

As I said earlier however this is your time too. Make comments, bring up content and voice that all-important opinion of your own. Let us engage in the internet hedonism that exemplifies this tired and cynical new century. So wank away, noble peers, and together will shall drink deep the mental sputum that erupts, cascading ropy dollops to splash upon our memory...

Too much, that last one? I'm trying to make a first impression.

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